Intersessional Meeting between Major Groups and other stakeholders and the Open Working Group on SDGs
22 Nov 2013
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
UN HQ, New York, NY, Conference Building Room 3
Join the Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals…
Multistakeholders addressing cross-cutting issues

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The Co-Chairs of the Open Working Group and Major Groups and other stakeholders invite you to an interactive dialogue on some key cross-cutting issues that must be addressed to ensure a bold and ambitious post 2015 sustainable development framework and SDGs. Designed by non-state actors, the one day session will help conceptualize:

- Practical approaches to rights-based SDGs that include the 3 dimensions of sustainable development;
- SDGs designed to eliminate poverty, mitigate inequalities and lead to inclusiveness
- Making good governance and multi-stakeholder partnerships the building blocks of the SDGs
- Designing SDGs that foster human and economic development within planetary boundaries (including climate change and natural resources management)

These issues, among others, were prominent in several Rio+20 and Post 2015 consultations. We hope that frank and open discussions with all stakeholders supported by experts will increase understanding around these complex issues and help start developing concrete proposals to inform the drafting of the SDGs.

Stay on for the Open Working Group 5th Session, November 25-27 on:

- 25th: Sustained and inclusive economic growth
- 26th: Macroeconomic policy questions (including international trade, international financial system and external debt sustainability) and infrastructure development
- 27th: Industrialization and energy

If you cannot attend the event, you still can have your voices heard through:

- The live broadcast and remote participation
- Through social media - before and during the event (on Twitter @SustDev and @UN_DSD)
- Contact the advisory committee
- Contribute ideas online at

Role of the Secretariat: UN DESA/DSD will act as the secretariat. The Secretariat will lead the preparation of the two one day interactive events, including by hosting the pre-consultation on its website, and will act as the coordination point with Open Working Group co-chairs and other Member States.

Role of Steering Committee: In order to ensure consistency between the two one-day intersessional meetings, we suggest one single steering committee group to advise on the objective and methodology of the two intersessional sessions and criteria to select panellists. The first multi-stakeholder event will take place on Friday, 22 November just before the fifth session of the Open Working Work on 25-27 November. The second multi-stakeholder event will take place in early 2014 (date to be determined).

Role of Co-chairs/Member States: We suggest OWG Member States should also be invited to participate in the roundtables and other activities organised for these sessions. This will encourage direct and constructive interaction with Member States outside the official spaces.

Online pre-registration for Major Groups is available through CSO Net at

Outlines for Background papers: Please see here
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