AIMS regional meeting
17 Jul 2013 - 19 Jul 2013
Victoria, Seychelles
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The AIMS regional meeting, in Mahe, Seychelles was opened by President James Alix Michel, and Minister of Environment and Energy Rolph Payet and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam co-chaired the meeting. The Ministers took an active role in the dialogue, as did Ambassador for SIDS Issues Ronald Jumeau, ensuring high quality discourse throughout. As in Fiji, the meeting held a concurrent open session when the member States entered their closed session, though the AIMS region was unique in that a youth delegate at a time was invited to participate in the closed sessions. Dignitaries including USG Wu, Ambassador Moses and President of the 67th General Assembly Vuk Jeremiæ addressed the gathering at various points throughout the three day meeting. The outcome of the meeting—a strong and concrete expression of the region's hopes for the future—was adopted by acclamation at the close of the third day. Central to the outcome was the concept of the “blue economy,” encompassing the full range of economic and social development that the ocean can drive. The AIMS region addressed issues of peace and security, especially in the face of international piracy and organized crime, as well as renewable energy, NCDs, special financing mechanisms and trade instruments for SIDS, and the need for a strengthened AIMS regional coordination mechanism and institutional support for SIDS.
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