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Review of SDGs implementation: SDG 1
Tuesday, 11 July 2017
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Official meeting

This session is the first of the sessions to look in-depth into one of the SDGs but at the same time not losing sight of inter-linkages among the rest of the SDGs. The session will examine interlinkages and implication for policy-making and implementation to realize this goal bearing in mind in particular that to eradicate poverty, its causes and manifestations must be fully understood and addressed. Poverty eradication can only be achieved when interconnected factors are addressed together. Such factors include inclusive growth, livelihoods and decent work, social protection, access to basic infrastructure and services, food security, nutrition, health, education, empowerment of women and girls, environmental sustainability, governance and more equitable access to opportunities and distribution of income and wealth. Poverty eradication demands cross-cutting, coherent initiatives that make people less vulnerable, reduce the risks of setbacks, break patterns of discrimination, and enable all women and men to fully participate and benefit from economic growth. Concerted effort is needed to tackle the most prevalent and reoccurring constraints to eradicating poverty and these will be examined by a panel of experts that will facilitate an interactive discussion among all participants at the meeting and provide recommendations to policy-makers based on latest information and data, as well as experiences and lessons learned that have worked in a number of countries.