Accelerating the achievement of SDGs through implementation of Sendai Framework, Samoa Pathway and Paris Climate Change Agreement
Tuesday, 12 July 2016
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Conference Room E

SDGs Learning, Training and Practice

This session will draw on the experiences of Small Island developing States and Least Developed countries. The session will showcase examples and leadership where LDCs have advanced integrated policy frameworks for addressing development, disaster and climate risks, for instance; or where small island developing states have forged regional strategies that show how disaster risk, climate and development can be approached through a coherent and integrated manner.

The course aims to:
  1. Increase participants’ knowledge on disaster trends, data collection, indicators, and risk-informed decision making with particular emphasis on SIDS and LDCs
  2. Deepen participants’ knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals and related frameworks and how they can be implemented through integrated and coherent approaches.
  3. Learn about opportunities for accelerating the implementation of SDGS, through partnerships, and peer-learning.
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