Inclusive And Equitable Education: Leaving No One Behind
Monday, 11 July 2016
1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Conference room E

Side Event

‘Leaving no one behind’ is at the core of Sustainable Development Goal 4 through its emphasis on equitable and inclusive education. This event will discuss the structural changes and public policies needed to promote equity, inclusion and to overcome multiple forms of discrimination in and through education, and its impact on the achievement of other human rights and SDGs. Shortfalls and possible drawbacks will be discussed, to raise awareness of the challenges which must be addressed.

We will focus on the inter-sectoral approaches needed to promote dialogue and coordination, recognising the indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights that are reflected across the 17 SDGs. We will pay special attention to inclusive education policies that guarantee gender equality and the fulfillment of the right to education for children, youth and adults living with disabilities.

This event will explore:

  • The role of education as a driver in combating inequality and furthering the mission of ensuring that no one is left behind.
  • Efforts being made to ensure equity in and through education and the overcoming of multiple forms of discrimination.
  • Experiences in addressing the challenge of equity and inclusion in education, in particular women and girls, persons with disabilities, adults and older persons.
  • The importance of political will and investment in education and in enabling
  • access to lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Speakers include:

Colin Allen Chair, International Disability Alliance

Camilla Croso President, Global Campaign for Education

Nora Fyles Head of Secretariat, UN Girls’ Education Initiative, representing the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report

Katarina Popovic Secretary-General, International Council for Adult Education Diane Richler Past President, Inclusion International

Matt Simonds (moderator): International Trade Union Confederation representing Education International

A Member State representative is to be confirmed. This event will be held in English, and participants must hold UN ground passes to attend.

About the Education and Academia Stakeholder Group

The Education and Academia Stakeholder Group was constituted in 2016 after the extensive collaborative efforts of education civil society actors to realise a human rights-based approach to the 2030 Agenda. It is organised by the Global Campaign for Education, the International Council for Adult Education, the European Students’ Union, and Education International.

About the Stakeholder Group for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities comprise c.15% of the world’s population, or one billion people, of whom 80% live in developing countries. The 2030 Agenda recognised and includes persons with disabilities, opening doors for their participation and recognition as active contributing members of society, who must not face any discrimination or be left out or behind. On the global level in sustainable development processes persons with disabilities act as a unified Stakeholder Group.

Organizers: Education & Academic Stakeholder Group, Stakeholder Group on Disability, and Global Education Monitoring Report
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