Civil Society Participation in National Voluntary Reports: What’s happening and what’s possible?
Tuesday, 12 July 2016
6:15 PM - 7:30 PM
Conference Room D

Side Event

Thee Side Event will consist of a short introduction from the moderator, follow by an explanation of the    goal of the meeting which its to present the experience women's groups have had in the countries in    the preparation /discussion of the national Reports in the 22 countries they voluntarily present in this HLPF    As this time due to the short time since September 2015 in the presentation an important issue is how all     stakeholders were involve and how this happen. 

The WMG through FEIM developed a study of this with   the information of women's groups/NGOs in most of the 22 countries . In the Side Event will be the presentation   of the different ways this happen and the suggestions to improve in the future in order NO ONE leaves behind  there are some specific presentations from some countries to be present in more in depth and the possibility    country governmental represent ants and other stakeholders bring their opinions and perspectives. 

Organizers: Fundación para Estudio e investigación de la Mujer / Working Major Group
United Nations