Building SDG Networks in Science, Technology and Innovation
Tuesday, 14 May 2019
1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
Conference Room 11, UNHQ

Side Event

While much attention and focus has been placed on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the need for multi-stakeholder partnerships, the number of partnerships that directly link the SDGs to Science, Technology and Innovation is not yet following the needed growth.

This session will highlight the importance of facilitating matchmaking and the establishment of networks between relevant stakeholders for innovation and capacity building, thus directly linking to the objectives of the STI Forum. In accordance with this year’s theme of “STI for ensuring inclusiveness and equality, with a special focus on SDGs 4, 8, 10, 13 and 16”, the session will focus on the opportunities for inclusive partnerships that can both create decent work & economic growth and support initiatives of climate action.

The event will highlight successful collaborative partnerships for SDG based Science, Technology and Innovation through new ways of working across the public and private sectors addressing expertise, technology and resource sharing, considering both developed and emerging market perspectives. Through case study examples, including the Hello Science Platform, participants will share insights to successful stories and key aspects of development, while facilitating a dialogue that can provide inspiration and encouragement to others.



Justin Perrettson: Head of Global Engagements, Novozymes, and Chair, Environment & Energy Commission, International Chamber of Commerce



Martin Bille Hermann: Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations


High level representative: Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations


Satya Tripathi: UN Assistant Secretary-General and Head of New York Office, UN Environment


Jennifer Costley: Director of Physical Sciences, Sustainability & Engineering, New York Academy of Sciences


Chris Fabian: Co-Founder of UNICEF's Innovation Unit


Alfred Birkegaard Hansted: Collaborative Innovation Specialist and Collaboration Lead, HelloScience


Henrik Juul Nielsen: Director Innovation Management, GRUNDFOS


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