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Working animals: Climate Change and public health issues in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
The Donkey Sanctuary, co-organized with World Horse Welfare, FAO and Permanent Mission of Senegal to the UN

Environmental-related crises have grown quickly and prominently over the past few years.Alongside such issues, we have recently experience a marked increase in the occurrence and dissemination of zoonotic diseases (transmissible from animals to humans), mainly caused by environmental, demographic and social changes.With climate change and a rapid spread of diseases impacting on the livelihoods of many, working animals can play a critical role in countries affected the most. They provide a significant contribution towards the delivery of development targets such as ensuring access to education, mitigating the effects of climate change and strengthening community resilience, tackling gender inequalities, allowing water safety and quality and facilitating interlinkages between the SDGs. Presentations from the speakers will describe the contribution of working animals towards tackling climate change-related crises and preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases. An interactive Q&A session with the audience will give participants the opportunity to further expand the topics discussed.

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