A New System for a New World: Reality Check and Ways Forward for the post-COVID19 World
Thursday, 9 July 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Virtual (New York time)

Side Event

United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth

While 2020 is a milestone to celebrate the indispensable role of multilateralism and global governance, it is also a year marked by a global unprecedented crisis due to the COVD19 pandemic. This is not just a health crisis. It has exposed the fragility of global systems under ‘business as usual’ and points to protracted shocks of human rights injustices, transgression of planetary boundaries, concentration of power, historically-accumulated inequalities, inadequate health systems, and systemic undermining of resilience. While there has been unprecedented progress in some areas, we continue to be desperately off track to meet the SDGs and other international frameworks. We see this as an intergenerational injustice, and an existential crisis. As we commemorate UN75 and enter the ‘Decade of Action’, we need to stop, rethink our systems, realign our values, and enact structural reforms. The side event will demonstrate practical efforts aimed at course-correction and creating a ‘new normal’.

United Nations