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Reinventing Social Welfare: Examples to Combat Inequalities and Exclusion at the Local Level
Thursday, 8 July 2021
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Virtual (NY Time)

Side Event

The Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN through SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), Sweden Local2030 Hub and the cities of Helsingborg, Uppsala and Malmö

This webinar aims at exploring experiences from a few different countries of policies to bridge social gaps through welfare institutions and programs at the local level. What are the positive city examples and what can be said about success factors and how do they vary depending on context? What are the challenges and what lessons can be learned? What methods can be applied to ensure effective service delivery, heal the cracks in the welfare systems and reduce the gaps – effectively making sure that No One is Left Behind?

Together we will explore practical and politically viable policy recommendations for dealing with the growing challenges of inequality and exclusion in our societies.

The webinar is moderated by the Director General of Sida, Carin Jämtin, who will lead the audience through a discussion that uses experiences and examples on social welfare actions and reforms from various cities. Can similarities be identified? Key factors?

A keynote speech to kick off the webinar will be held by the Executive Director of UN Habitat, Ms Maimunah Mohd Sharif. Panellists include politicians and officials from cities from around the world and concluding remarks will be made by Ms Sarah Cliffe of New York University.

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