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Tobacco control and NCD prevention: Key pieces of the pandemic recovery puzzle
Wednesday, 7 July 2021
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Virtual (NY Time)

Side Event

Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control

Thinking about sustainable recovery from the ongoing pandemic and building back better, the importance of population-level preventive efforts cannot be understated in supporting healthy, resilient societies. This includes addressing significant risk factors, including tobacco use, and how these efforts contribute to the prevention of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Addressing NCDs is recognised as a key component to building back better in a way that can promote the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Addressing tobacco control as an NCD risk factor and as a challenge to progress across the SDGs is a key component of a multifaceted approach to prevention’s role in resilient post-pandemic recovery.

This event will highlight the critical, cross-cutting role that tobacco control and NCD prevention need to play in contributing to sustainable development during and after the pandemic. This includes showcasing positive examples of the inclusion of tobacco control and NCDs in COVID-19 recovery efforts.

The following questions will be used to facilitate discussions on this topic:

  • What makes the connections between tobacco control, NCD prevention, and sustainable development even more important now?
  • How can our understanding of the connection between tobacco control, NCDs, and sustainable development influence post-pandemic recovery?
  • What are the opportunities for pursuing SDG Targets 3.4 and 3.a, on NCDs and tobacco control, in the context of COVID-19 and recovery?
  • What are some of the strongest examples of policies that member states can include in post-pandemic recovery plans to harness the power of tobacco control and NCD prevention in building back better?

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