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Harnessing the linkages between human, animal and environmental health and well-being to effectively combat biodiversity loss, prevent future pandemics and achieve sustainable development
Tuesday, 13 July 2021
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Virtual (NY Time)

Side Event

World Animal Net, Inc with Born Free Foundation and Animal Issues Thematic Cluster (within NGO Major Group)

We must urgently improve our relationship with animals and nature to tackle the global health, climate and biodiversity crises that put humanity and future generations at risk. Human activities, including the destruction and fragmentation of natural habitats, our unsustainable production and consumption patterns, and the direct exploitation of wildlife, are among the major drivers of biodiversity loss, disease outbreaks and climate change.

This side event will explore the benefits of integrating animal health and welfare considerations into measures designed to reduce risks to human health, advance well-being and social justice, improve food security and safety, and protect biodiversity and its contributions to people.

One Welfare (a complimentary approach to One Health) holds the potential of a proactive policy analysis, based on prevention through coordinated action on human well-being, animal welfare and environmental health. It considers the impacts of these interconnections on livelihoods, food security, disaster resilience, public health, and other pressing socioeconomic, psychosocial and environmental issues, offering a comprehensive approach in support of global sustainable development.

Three expert panel sessions will discuss necessary transformative actions to:

  • 1) end wildlife exploitation and reduce zoonotic disease risk,
  • 2) build sustainable and inclusive food systems, and
  • 3) leverage collective engagement to mainstream animal health and welfare into key sectors, policies and investment.

    Following a series of short presentations on the opportunities, challenges and pathways towards a more sustainable, equitable and humane future, expert panelists will take part in interactive Q&A sessions with the audience.

    The event will be live streamed and recorded.

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