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UCT International Culture Development, INC.
Information on the purpose of your organization

To promote international arts and culture through the United Nations; to support the needs of the less fortunate women and children; to promote peace, harmony and friendship among peoples of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Information on your programmes and activities in areas relevant to the subject of the Summit and in which country or counties they are carried out.
We held events, such as ART exhibitions,cultural performances not only at the UN but all over the US and other countries. In doing so UCT was able to carry its mission in promoting peace,friendship and harmony among nations. We also raised funds to assist in the growth of cultural and art organizations in the USA, Africa and Asia.
Information on activities at the national or international levels
UCT events 2013. -January 3: ?The UN Peace Friendly Masterpieces Exhibition of Well-Known Painters? sponsored by UCT International Cultural Center was held at the UN headquarters in New York City. It showcased a lot of calligraphic masterpieces of Li Guo Dong. -January 4-8: Island Splash Landscape Painting Exhibition celebrating the work of Liu Shou Yao. -March 21: ?Peace & Friendship?International Original Art Research Exhibition and the First China Musical seminar? in the UN NY. Jointly sponsored by Shanghai Drama Institute. -June 8: Promoted and exhibited the 65th anniversary of Prof. Li Guo Dong?s calligraphic Career. -September 26: We exhibited calligraphic masterpieces at the Third Banquet for the Wives of the Heads of States at the UN. -October 3: Held live broadcast of TV interview from QP of Prof. Li Guo Dong. -November 26: At the 50th anniversary of UNDWC held at the Hungary Mission to the UN. Ms. Li Yi Ling, President of UCT received an award of outstanding work with children, women and promoting diversity through culture and art. -December 16-20: Held a 5 days event for Prof. Li Guo Dong and was attend by UN chief Ban Ki-moon and his wife, and ambassadors from more than 30 countries. 2014 -May 20 : Participated in the International Bazaar attended by UN chief Ban Ki moon and representatives from 86 countries and organizations. -June 9: Held ?Peace and Friendship? event exhibiting The World Famous Artists at UN. -June 17: Held Health Seminar at Columbia University featuring Dr. Wang Yang Fu. -September 1: Held "My Royal Course and Health Life" Seminar presented by a Nigerian Princess. -September 8: Held China-Africa Culture Night celebrating diversity. -September 23: Sponsored New York International Elite Summit Cooperation Forum on Economy, Culture and Health. -November 7: Sponsored "Peace and Health" Forum at UN and Harvard Univ. -December: Donated 2015 Calendars which were designed by Prof. Li Guo Dong and Debora; orginal paintings and financial support. 2015 -Feb 15: Sponsored a fashion show in Crown plaza featuring Chinese qipao and artworks. -March 5: UCT celebrated 10 years anniversary of promoting culture art, peace, harmony and diversity. Somali ambassador, UNWG, UNDWC president, Mount Vernon Mayor, NJ assembly man and more than 10 ambassadors? wives were in attendance. -March 20: Held ?Peace and Friendship? art exhibition to celebrate UN 70th anniversary and victory over fascism. -May 22: co-sponsored the Vienna-vision conference. -May 26: co-sponsored the Sports for peace CHARITY dinner gala at UN
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YES - 2015ProfitandLoss.pdf
List of members of the governing body of your organization, and their countries of nationality
- President Lin Li(Yiling Li)(USA)
- Director/Secretary Weiping Wang(Canada).
- Chairman Guodong Li(Thailand)
- Board Member Jun Li(USA)
- Board Member Hui Wang(USA)
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