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Society for the Widows and Orphans
Information on the purpose of your organization

Society for the Widows & Orphans (SOWIPHANS) is a Non-Governmental, Not for Profit, Non Political, Voluntary and Humanitarian Organization. SOWIPHANS was established in the year 2000 and registered in Nigeria with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in the year 2005.

SOWIPHANS came into existence out of compassion for the less privilege and disadvantaged in our society with the aim of empowering the vulnerable women, children and youths through creating an enabling environment as means to responding to their needs for an improved livelihood and sustainable development of their communities.

Our Vision:
SOWIPHANS envisage a Society, where the Vulnerable and Marginalized groups have opportunity to development and access to health care services.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to reach out to the vulnerable and marginalized groups with access to information on Human Rights issues, Poverty Alleviation, Health Care Services, Education and other Social Services through Advocacy/Community Sensitization, Mobilization/Participation, Education/Capacity Building and Economic Empowerment.
Information on your programmes and activities in areas relevant to the subject of the Summit and in which country or counties they are carried out.
Our organization has been intervening in areas that facilitates the realization of millennium Development and Sustainable Development Goals.

Our programmes and activities that are linked to SDGs goal 1 and 2 are:-
- Indigent Women Economic Empowerment Programmes.
- Skills Acquisition Programmes.
- Micro Credit Facility Programmes.
- Agriculture and Entrepreneur Programmes for women and young girls.
- Nutritional Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
- Entrepreneur training to older Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
Programmes and activities linked to SDGs goal 3 are:-
- Health care services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).
- Safe motherhood and reproductive health programmes through advocacy/sensitization, television/radio programmes, workshop and seminars.
- Female and Male condom awareness and distribution programmes.
- Community outreach education on HIV/AIDS.
- Home Base Care for people living with HIV.
- Distribution of anti-malaria drugs and treated mosquito nets.
- HIV counseling and referral services.
Programmes and activities linked to SDGs goal 4 are:-
- Educational support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
- Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) training to young women and girls.
- Informal training on human rights issues, gender, health and good governance to stakeholders at all levels.
Programmes and activities linked to SDGs goal 5 are:-
- Advocacy to major stakeholders on gender mainstreaming.
- Women participation in politics/governance programme through television/radio outreach,
Workshops and seminars.
- Violence against Women programmes (VAW).
Programmes and activities linked to SDGs goal 6 are:
- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme in secondary schools.
- Provision of boreholes to schools and rural communities.
- Provision of VIP toilets to school of deaf and dumb and other secondary schools.
Programmes and activities linked to SDGs goals 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and 16 are:-
- Advocacy to major stakeholders on implementation of policies and prevention of erosion, insurgence and violence in states and communities that caused displacement of children in Nigeria.
Programmes and activities linked to SDGs goal 17 are:-
- Advocacy on implementation of policies and framework.
- Partnership with local and International agencies, Government and Networks.

All programmes and activities here are carried out in Nigeria and we have also done intervention on HIV/AIDS community outreach education in Kenya. Furthermore we did intervention on Violence against Women in South Africa and Orphans and Vulnerable Children intervention in the Republic of Benin.
Information on activities at the national or international levels
Our organization has carried out interventions at the National level which includes:-
- Advocacy to stakeholders on gender mainstreaming.
- Participation of women in governance at all levels.
- Budget tracking and transparency.
- Monitoring and reporting of development projects.
- Psychosocial and Nutritional support to internally displaced children.
- HIV/AIDS outreach education programme.
International level:-
- We have done interventions on HIV/AIDS community outreach programme with Eastern and Southern Regional Aids training programme (RATN) Kenya.
- We also took part in an intervention on Elimination of Violence against Women in South Africa.
- We have also carried out nutritional, health and psycho-social support services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Republic of Benin.
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List of members of the governing body of your organization, and their countries of nationality
Board of Trustee Members Nationality

Dr. Jane Favour Chukwukere Nigerian
Evangelist Henry Onuegbu Nigerian
Ms. Ozioma Chimaobi Nigerian
Evangelist Phil Chigaemezu Nigerian
Ms. Angela Njoku Nigerian

Advisory Board Members Nationality

Mrs. Foluke Adebiyi Nigerian
Mrs. Shanda Eburue Nigerian/American
Mr. Chuka Okoro Nigerian
Mrs. Naida Njoku Nigerian/American
Pastor Chukwunenye Uzoukwu Nigerian

Copy of the constitution and/or by-laws of the organization (WORD or PDF only), or a weblink to it