Somos el Presente
Information on the purpose of your organization

We are the Present is youth lead organization that works empowering youth, transforming them in active change makers.
We seek to generate actions that have a significant impact on sustainable development through youth.

Our mission is to empower young people giving them the knowledge, tools and motivation so they can create a significant impact. Likewise, we advocate for the engagement of youth in decision making processes at national and international levels.

Our vision is to be recognized as a strategic partner in social development through youth.
Information on your programmes and activities in areas relevant to the subject of the Summit and in which country or counties they are carried out.
We work in 3 fields of action:

Citizen Participation - Argentina / Brazil / Colombia / Peru
Over the past two years we have been working as partners My World Campaign 2015 United Nations, which aims to give a voice to each citizen of the world in the post 2015 Agenda . We coordinated the participation of the Campaign in the World´s most important youth lead events as the World Congress of Political Science in London, COY10 - Lima, Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations - Philippines, among others. Also we coordinated the delivery of results to congressmen and senators of the Government of Argentina, the Presidential Program - Colombia Joven, among others.

We are also working with goverment officials to empower youth´s role in monitoring post2015 agenda in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Gender equality - Peru / United Kingdom / Burkina Faso
We engage men in advocating for gender equality through HeforShe UN Women campaign. Also, in Peru with our strategic ally D1 - Vania Masias, we coordinate the amplification of our message of awareness through the artistic production - Man: Love without Violence, Make a Difference (

People with disabilities (HatunYaa) - Peru / France
We work with the group of photographers with Down Syndrome HatunYaa empowering them to advocate for the environment through photography. Their work has been featured in the Keneddy Plaza, Ricardo Palma Cultural Center and COY10. This year, their work will be exhibited at the National Parliament, National Museum and COP21 parallel events in Paris.
Information on activities at the national or international levels
Engaging Argentina Youth in Post2015 ? Argentina
We held an event at the National Parliament of the Republic of Argentina on Post2015 Agenda highlighting youth´s role alongside members of the parliament and senators from the Republic of Argentina.

August Youth Month LiMUN - Peru
We gather 1000 youth delegates and Policy Makers to engage them in Post2015 and monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals.

Intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda ? International
Through United Nations Major Group on Children and Youth and Transparency, Accountability and Participation Network we participated at the Intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda advocating for youth engagement in Post2015.

This world belong to all of us ? Photography Exhibition (Peru / France)
With our young photographer with Down Syndrome we are organizing photography exhibitions to raise awareness on climate change and how it affect us all.

Selection Committee for civil society speakers in UN Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda ? International
Our organization participated at the Selection Committee advocating for youth representation from the Civil Society Speakers

National Pre Open Government Partnership Annual Summit ? Peru / United Kingdom
We will host Pre Open Government Partnership Annual Summits in Peru and United Kingdom to collect input from youth and key stakeholders towards the Open Government Partnership Annual Summit.

World Bank / International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings ? International
Our organization will participate at the Annual Meetings to be held in Lima this October. We will advocate for youth as partner for reducing poverty and monitoring Sustainable Development Goals at the Civil Society Policy Forum.
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List of members of the governing body of your organization, and their countries of nationality
Carlo Angeles - Peru
Fabiola Franceza - Peru
Nataly Vasquez - Peru
Alvaro Benavides - Argentina
Andres Ramirez - Colombia
Elitsa Zhugleva - Bulgaria / United Kingdom

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