Human Development Organization (HDO)
Information on the purpose of your organization

The Human Development Organization (HDO), Sri Lanka is a registered NGO the Vision of the HDO will be establishment of socially just, equality democratic value based and co-existence society.

The HDO is based in Sri Lanka:
P.O. Box 171
Sri Lanka
Information on your programmes and activities in areas relevant to the subject of the Summit and in which country or counties they are carried out.
Poverty Resistance Program - Elimination of poverty among marginalized and excluded groups.
Promoting Good Governance and democracy
Promoting Basic Education & Human Rights Education among Children & community members
Gender Justice - Promoting Women participation politics
Campaign against violence against women

Information on activities at the national or international levels
1) Lobby and Advocacy for legal and policy reform social issues -Eg Poverty
2) Women Empowerment through Livelihood Programs
3) Community Education Project
4) Sexual & Reproductive Health Project
5) Human Rights and Legal Education Project
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List of members of the governing body of your organization, and their countries of nationality
Mr. P.P. Sivapragasam (President), Sri Lanka
Ms. P. Logeswary ( Vice President) Sri Lanka
Mr. k. AruMugam (Secretary) Sri Lanka
Mr. D. Chandrakumar (Treasurer) Sri Lanka
Ms. H.J. Farhana (Committee Member) Sri Lanka
Ms. M. Ramaletchumy (Committee Member) Sri Lanka
Copy of the constitution and/or by-laws of the organization (WORD or PDF only), or a weblink to it
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