Central European Initiative (CEI)


The new Plan of Action has been developed as a focused and project-oriented roadmap for the period 2018-2020. Special attention has been paid to the real needs and proposals expressed by the CEI Member States, while also taking note of the evolving environment in the Region. Efforts have been made towards prioritisation and streamlining, aimed at avoiding dispersion of resources and at concentrating on actions where the CEI’s expertise and working methodology represent a genuine added value.

It is composed of two parts: Part 1 highlights the CEI’s mission, strategic objectives and working methodology. Part 2 comprehensively outlines its goals and objectives. The latter also includes a set of tangible actions elaborated by taking into account the results achieved in the recent past, thus ensuring coherence and follow-up.

This document intends to capitalise on the main strengths of the Organisation, based on its distinctive methodology for the promotion of regional cooperation through a combination of multilateral diplomacy and fund, programme and project management. While remaining a platform for political dialogue, in support of the European integration process, the CEI has developed a strong operational approach aimed at fostering cohesion and integration between EU and non-EU countries. Thanks to its broad membership covering Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the CEI is in the position to play a bridging role between macro-regions, thus making a contribution to the removal of existing barriers and divisions hindering European integration.

In practical terms, the CEI’s main goal is to bring its Member States closer together in joint initiatives and encourage further regional cooperation in a structured and result-oriented manner. It aims at making tangible contributions towards sustainable and inclusive economies and societies. In order to reach this ambitious goal, the Plan of Action offers the necessary framework to steer the CEI’s future activities, while committing the Organisation to a continuous improvement of its performance.

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