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League of Professional Women - Para 89

Achieving SDG 4-Education 2030 global and national goals would be impossible without progress in lifelong learning, which offers opportunities for all throughout the entire life from childhood education to youth to adult education and learning. This study focuses on thematic sub-areas of the SDG#4 (on adult learning as part of lifelong learning). Aging population emerges in almost all countries on Earth. According United Nations (UN) estimates, the global number of elderly people (aged 60 and over) will increase by 56% in the next 15 years: from 901 million people in 2015 to more than 1.4 billion by 2030. If these forecasts are correct, for the first time in history older people will exceed the number of children (0-9 years) before 2030 and the number of teenagers and young people (at the age of 10-24) by 2050.

Consequently, adults will be forced to work longer than previous generations. For them, it will be vital to search and find opportunities to improve their skills and reorienting their professions through technological change and globalization. They will also look for new learning opportunities to continue their professional and personal development. Currently, one of the key challenges for Ukraine is the lack of human resources with the required level of competence that meets modern requirements of the labour market.

The LPW Thematic Report is based on key findings of the analytical and advocacy activities taking place in 2018-2019 within the informal “Partnership on Adult Learning” (Partnership) in Ukraine. The Partnership was initiated by leaders of the two Ukrainian NGOs – League of Professional Women (LPW) and Institute of Professional Qualifications (IPQ) in 2018, and lead by LPW.

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