HLPF Issue Briefs 1: From Rio+20 to post-2015: towards an integrated and universal development agenda
UN-DESA, 2014
In the Outcome document of the Special event to follow up efforts made to- wards achieving the Millennium Development Goals held on 25 September 2013, the Member States decided to launch a process of intergovernmental negotiations at the beginning of the sixty-ninth session of the General Assembly which will lead to the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda.

At the Rio+20 Conference the Member States agreed that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be coherent with and integrated into the United Nations development agenda beyond 2015, should ad- dress and incorporate in a balanced way all three dimensions of sustainable development and their interlinkages, be aspirational, global in nature and universally applicable to all countries while taking into account different national realities and priorities.

Working towards an integrated post-2015 development agenda

Several work streams are leading towards a coherent post-2015 development agenda. These have been mandated by different bodies of the UN and work on differing timelines. The outcome of the Special event re- quests the UN Secretary-General to prepare by the end of 2014 a synthesis report that would integrate elements from these different streams, to facilitate intergovernmental negotiations. This issues brief addresses integration of these different workstreams and the work of different development actors and does not address the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development, which is dealt with in HLPF issues brief 5.

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