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The Global Green Economy Index: GGEI 2014 - Measuring National Performance in the Green Economy
Dual Citizen LLC, 2014
by: Dual Citizen LLC

This 4th edition of the GGEI is an in-depth look at how 60 countries perform in the global green economy, as well as how expert practitioners rank this performance. Like many indices, the GGEI is a communications tool, signaling to policy makers, international organizations, the private sector and citizens which countries are successfully orienting their economies toward greener growth pathways and which ones are not. Importantly, the GGEI also generates perception values, offering unique insights into how communications and information exchange can be leveraged to further advance green economic growth.

First published in 2010, this new edition of the GGEI presents a revised methodology resulting from a strategic review that revealed opportunities for broader sector coverage, more focus on environmental performance and enhanced data collection and processing methods

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