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Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform
Targeted energy efficiency measures can contribute to deliver 50 percent of the emission reductions required to put the world on a 2 C pathway by 2020 according to the International Energy Agency.
The SE4All Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform is a public-private partnership programme to scale up energy efficiency policy, action and investment, with the aim of doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency worldwide by 2030.
Rendering energy use more efficient is one of the world’s most crucial contributions to mitigate climate change. By reducing energy consumption, efficiency makes existing energy supply extend further, thus improving the productivity of the world’s energy.
With enhanced efficiency, air quality is improved, pollution levels are reduced, and the economy benefits. In addition, the implementation of energy efficiency policies and the production and installation of efficient technologies creates local jobs and a cleaner, healthier planet.
The Accelerator Platform provides governments an important path for engaging with a variety of significant stakeholders whose knowledge of technologies, markets, financial instruments and implementation approaches can support energy efficiency policies and goals.

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