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UNDP and Civil Society Organizations A Toolkit For Strengthening Partnerships
UNDP, 2015
UNDP recognizes the multiple functions civil society organizations play in addressing the main challenges of poverty and environmental degradation, conflict and disaster, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and governance at all
levels, from the local to the global. The growing strength and sophistication of civil society actors in the development arena presents us with new challenges in building multi-faceted and creative alliances with civil
society partners. To design and sustain genuine partnerships with civil society actors, it is essential to understand the civil society sector, assess its capacities and weaknesses, and develop appropriate and effective tools
and instruments to engage with civil society organizations (CSOs).
This toolkit, produced by the Civil Society Organizations Division in the Bureau for Resources and Strategic Partnerships, is aimed at providing colleagues with practical guidance and essential information in forging
partnerships with CSOs. It includes examples of innovative country-level mechanisms to build and strengthen collaboration with CSOs.

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