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Green Growth in motion: Sharing Korea's Experience
Global Green Growth Institute, 2011
Human civilization has been shaped by several major transformations in its history. The industrial revolution that led to the advent of an era of quantity-oriented, expansionary growth heavily based on the extensive input of labor and capital has brought about widespread environmental degradation, rapid global population growth, unsustainable consumption habits and other pressures on Earth?s limited natural resources. Global warming and the challenges of climate change derived from the heavy use of fossil fuels have laid bare the limits of this old development model and threaten the sustainability of the entire world.

The world desperately needs a new growth paradigm that can address the challenges of climate change and resource depletion. The solution lies in green growth. Green growth is the new revolutionary development paradigm that sustains economic growth while at the same time ensuring climatic and environmental sustainability. It focuses on addressing the root causes of these challenges while ensuring the creation of the necessary channels for resource distribution and access to basic commodities for the impoverished. Under this new paradigm, new ideas, transformational innovations and state-of-the-art technology will become the major drivers for growth.