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Innovation for Sustainable Development: Local Case Studies from Africa
United Nations, 2008
This volume aims to highlight many exciting innovations for sustainable development in Africa at the local level. It also begins to assess the scope for scaling up these innovations to make an impact on a larger scale. The case studies here are only a sample. Many more could have been included but for space constraints. An effort has been made to identify some of the most interesting and promising innovations for this volume.

In addition to informing practitioners and policy makers in Africa, the volume is meant to inform and enrich the discussions within the Commission on Sustainable Development at its 16th and 17th sessions (2008 and 2009). The current cycle of the Commission?s work focuses on Africa?s sustainable development challenges and responses. It also covers the themes of agriculture, rural development, land, drought and desertification. Morever, in the 16th session there will be a review of progress with implementation of water and sanitation decisions taken at the 13th session of the Commission. Hence the choice of themes for case studies in this collection.

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