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Practices in the Sound Management of Chemicals
UNDESA, Stockholm Convention, UNEP, 2010
This volume presents successful practices and experiences in the sound management of chemicals worldwide, in both developed and developing countries. Nearly all case studies included were developed by individuals directly involved in the projects selected. The cases encompass information about the history of the projects as well as challenges, implementation experiences, lessons learned and future plans. It should, however, be noted that these case studies are but a small sample of the body of knowledge that is available in this area.

In addition to assessing current trends in chemicals management, this publication makes a case for scaling up the experiences presented to realize a larger scale impact.

While efforts to improve the management of chemicals are needed in all parts of the world, this publication focuses on the challenges that developing countries and countries with economies in transition face, where the need is urgent and greatest. It is hoped that this volume will enhance the readers? understanding about the challenges and issues confronting chemicals management, as well as about the policy options available to address them.

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