Africa Review Report on Mining Summary [English]
by: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

General Assembly Resolution A/Res.58/218 mandates the United Nations Regional commissions, in collaboration with the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), Governments, United Nations funds and programmes, other organizations of the United Nations system, international financial institutions, and all relevant international and regional organizations to organize multi-stakeholder Regional Implementation Meetings (RIMs) and to provide regional inputs into the work of the CSD. In this context, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has been organizing RIMs in collaboration with partner organizations since 2003. This executive summary draws from the Africa Review report on mining which was prepared by ECA for the Africa Regional Implementation Meeting (RIM) for CSD-18. The review was primarily based on paragraph 46 of the JPOI and included the following areas: a) Effective and transparent regulatory frameworks; b) Transparency and accountability; c) Governance and public participation; d) Environmental, economic, social and health impacts and benefits; e) Value addition, R&D and technological information; f ) Artisanal and small scale mining; and g) Building human and institutional capacities. The report provides an overview of the significance of the mining sector in advancing Africa?s sustainable development agenda. It outlines key emerging issues in the mining sector in Africa and progress made towards implementing mining-related commitments in the above areas. Furthermore, it identifies implementation challenges and constraints, highlights lessons learnt and proposes recommendations, including policy measures needed to accelerate implementation.

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