Sustainable Development ReporLand-Based Resources for Sustainable Development
by: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

Africa is endowed with rich and diverse renewable and non-renewable natural resources, yet its people remain among the poorest in the world. Improving the welfare of people in Africa requires sustainable development supported with peace and stability, and with human, institutional and organizational capacities to address immediate challenges, such as poverty and diseases. This inaugural issue of the Sustainable Development Report on Africa (SDRA) provides the first comprehensive analysis and assessment of the status of sustainable development in the continent. The theme of this maiden edition of the SDRA, focuses on Managing Land-Based Resources for Sustainable Development. It covers land, water, energy and mineral resources. The report analyses the social, economic and environmental sustainability of African countries, and examines the challenges and opportunities facing African countries in the exploitation of its land, water, energy and mineral resources in order to achieve sustainable development.

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