2010 Mutual Review of Development Effectiveness in Africa
by: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

This is the third Mutual Review of Development Effectiveness, undertaken jointly by the UN Economic Commission for Africa and the OECD. Its purpose is to assess what has been done by Africa and its development partners to deliver commitments in relation to development in Africa, what results have been achieved and what the key future priorities are. There have been enormous changes since the last review was published in January 2009. This review is intended to reflect these changes and to feed into the MDG Review Summit in September 2010. It takes into account other important reviews in the run-up to the Summit, including the MDG Africa Working Group Review and the G8 Accountability Report. It looks at commitments made by political leaders collectively, rather than national governments individually. In doing so, it attempts to look at overall performance, recognising that within this there is a large degree of variation and diversity between countries. It is organised within the same four clusters of topics as the 2009 Review: sustainable economic growth, investing in people, good governance and financing for development

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