Achieving Health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa: The Role of National Health Insurance Schemes: Discussion Paper 2008
UNECA, 2008
by: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

The report identifies proven interventions for achieving health MDGs in Africa. Next, it links the interventions to health outcomes through a health production function. Effective mechanisms for financing the interventions in the short-run are explored, with a focus on the role of social health insurance. It is concluded that national or social insurance has a limited role in achieving health MDGs in Africa over the next seven years. However, it can play an important supplementary function. Revenue from general taxation is recommended as the main financing option. This revenue is proposed to finance free basic health care in public clinics in rural and slum areas, with health care services at higher levels of the public system being funded mainly by social insurance. Additional supportive recommendations in areas of private insurance and institutional reforms are offered.

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