Africa Review Report on Drought and Desertification
UNECA, 2007
by: Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) at its Sixteenth Session (CSD-16) to be held in 2008, will focus on the assessment of the progress made in implementing programs and actions on sustainable development under the thematic cluster of issues covering agriculture and rural development, land, drought, desertification and Africa. This review will be conducted taking into account the goals, commitments and targets set out in Agenda 21, the Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21(PFIA21) and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI) of the Outcomes of World Summit on Sustainable development (WSSD). The regional commissions are mandated by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 58/218, to provide regional input to the work of the CSD through organizing Regional Implementation Meetings (RIM). This report on drought and desertification has therefore been prepared by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) to provide a basis for discussion at the Africa RIM, which will draw substantive input for the CSD-16. The report is a result of input solicited from Member States and regional partners, and extensive desk review of available documentation and internet resources on drought and desertification, as well as information exchange with and comment from various organizations and individuals. It is in no way meant to be exhaustive but it brings out the main findings obtaining from the above sources on the subject matter.

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