Financing Energy Access for the Poor
, 2012
by: UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

This Policy Brief is divided in 3 parts. Part I provides an overview of current and anticipated trends in energy poverty and their impact on development. This part evidences the magnitude of energy poverty challenge vis a vis public resources and ODA, but also the significant opportunities related to emerging clean energy solutions. Part II discusses some of the key financial and non-financial challenges related to financing clean energy access for the poor. It highlights the critical contribution that MFIs can play in fostering clean energy access, but also the need to address wider non-financial barriers, market and government failures that prevent clean energy uptake; lastly, Part III presents the most defining characteristics of CleanStart, an innovative UNCDF-UNDP Program aimed at increasing poor households and micro-enterprises access to clean energy by addressing financial and non-financial challenges, supporting microfinance and the development of enabling environments for clean energy financing.

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