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A Green Economy Knowledge‐Sharing Platform: Exploring Options
UNCSD, 2012
by: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

This paper explores a potential deliverable that emerged from submissions to the Rio+20 compilation document – the development of a green economy knowledge‐sharing platform. The paper provides an overview of existing platforms and initiatives, and proposes potential aims/objectives, governance arrangements, and structural components for a green economy platform based on existing initiatives and bestpractice literature. The executive summary of this paper is available online, available on request. with the full version available on request.

The paper concludes that a comprehensive green economy knowledge‐sharing platform would need clear aims/objectives, an effective governance structure, and a number of key structural components:
• A mechanism for promoting connections, networks and partnerships;
• A brokering mechanism to match ‘knowledge seekers’ with ‘knowledge providers’;
• An online data platform and green economy toolbox;
• Expert focal points or hubs for sectoral or cross‐sectoral issues; and
• A financing facility for developing countries.