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A Guidebook for IUCNís Thematic Programme Area on Greening the World Economy
Huberman, David, 2010
by: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

This guide is intended to offer an overview of available literature relating to the main topics covered by IUCNís Thematic Programme Area on Greening the World Economy (TPA5). Similar to the current guide, it is a compilation of papers, reports, and articles that can be freely accessed on the internet. It is not intended to serve as a complete bibliography of available literature, but more as an overview of the different concepts and discourses that animate ongoing discussions on the topic of the ĎGreen Economyí.

The guide begins with a brief summary of the theoretical framework for green economy, with links to some relevant publications. It then provides a summary of publications relating tob macroeconomic policies, financing conservation, engaging the private sector and other areas of interest to biodiversity management. Overall, it has limited duplication with the current guide and provides a useful complement for those seeking information on the framing of green economy in economic theory, macroeconomic policies and earlier green economy reports and initiatives with a focus on biodiversity conservation.