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National Sustainable Development Strategy: Towards a Green & Fair Economy
Republic Francaise, 2010
by: France

The National Sustainable Development Strategy puts forward France’s approach to developing a green economy. The strategy proposes a framework for organisations in both the public and private sectors to help develop sustainable projects and initiatives around a series of strategic indicators that were agreed upon by wide consensus. In alignment with European commitments, the strategy identifies nine strategic challenges which must be tackled in the move towards a green and equitable economy. These are:

1. Sustainable consumption and production

2. The knowledge economy

3. Governance

4. Climate change and energy

5. Sustainable transport and mobility

6. Conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity and natural resources

7. Public health, risk prevention and management

8. Demography, immigration and social inclusion, and

9. International challenges of sustainable development and the fight against global poverty

The strategy deals with each of these independently and offers a series of strategic choices organisations can take in assuming leadership for sustainable development.