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Roadmap for a green economy in the Heart of Borneo: A scoping study
WWF, PwC, 2011
by: Pricewaterhouse (PwC)

This report, authored by WWF and PwC, provides a roadmap for a green economy in Borneo, South East Asia that will help to achieve the commitments made in the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Declaration, signed by the Indonesian, Malaysian and Brunei governments in 2007 to conserve and sustainably manage the biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources of Borneo.

The roadmap identifies the policies already in place in the region that contribute to a green economy such as payments for ecosystem services, renewable energy incentives (i.e. Feed‐In Tariffs etc.) and public‐private conservation programmes in Brunei. The roadmap then provides recommendations for further development of the green economy. These are:

• Development of a Green Growth Generator ‐ an evidence‐based decision‐making framework for green growth

• Creation of a virtual Green Economy Centre of Excellence ‐ a capacity building programme for skills and knowledge to advance trilateral commitments

• Creation of a HoB Partnership forum ‐ a platform for coordinated stakeholder engagement to incubate ideas and stimulate and facilitate public private collaboration

• Creation of a Sustainable Finance Facility for Green Growth ‐ to leverage private investment

• Identification of a set of demonstration projects ‐ to create real change on the ground to improve people’s lives and the environment