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Green Growth and Developing Countries– Consultation Draft
OECD, 2012
by: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This report and the accompanying summary for policy makers provide a conceptual outline for green growth in the developing country context, providing a rationale for green growth and examining the concerns held by some developing countries about the green growth agenda informed by a series of consultations. The report discusses the economic, environmental and social objectives that green growth can help developing countries to achieve, and review economic growth and environmental trends over recent years and speculates on how economic and social trends will evolve in the years to come. Based on this evidence, country clusters are established for analysis of countries which may apply similar approaches to foster green growth.

Relevant national frameworks and a range of policy instruments, national and local, public and private, are articulated and detail of how they can be supported by the international community through existing mechanisms and policy coherence for development will be set out. Importantly, the report articulates six national enabling conditions for green growth, four green
growth mainstreaming mechanisms, and eight green growth policy instruments.