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Inclusive Green Growth: For the Future We Want
OECD, 2012
by: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This report provides a concise summary of green growth and the work of the OECD in this area that was prepared as a contribution to Rio+20. The report briefly defines green growth and how it can deliver sustainable development, as well as some key principles for guiding green growth policies. The report also details how the work programs of the OECD are contributing to international green growth work, including its efforts to support countries in the design and implementation of
strategies for greener and more inclusive growth.

The report indicates that the elements of successful green growth strategies are: making pollution more costly; reforming environmentally harmful subsidies; innovation and green technology development and diffusion; skills development and labour market policies; leveraging private investment for green infrastructure technologies; and greening consumer behaviour.