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Greening Development: Enhancing Capacity for Environmental Management and Goverance
OECD, 2012
by: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This report outlines a number of steps to be considered when building capacity for greening national development planning, national budgetary processes and key economic sector strategies. It identifies the key actors to be engaged in the decision making processes, outlines possible capacity needs and suggests how these can be addressed. It is intended to support developing countries in their efforts to move to a greener development path. It is also intended to assist development co‐operation and environment agencies in their efforts to support that process.

Effective environmental management requires a broad range of skills and knowledge among individuals and organisations and an enabling environment that supports this process (e.g. international regimes, national policies, rule of law, accountability and transparency). Within this framework, some specific interventions for greening development include:

• Use multii‐year development planning processes;

• Develop key actors’ technical skills;

• Encourage the participation of non‐government actors;

• Build functional and technical skills; and

• Plan and target efforts carefully.