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From Growth to Green Growth: A Framework
World Bank, 2011
by: World Bank Group

This publication, produced by the World Bank as part of their ePolicy Research Working Papersf, aims to provide a contribution to discussions on green growth around the world. The paper defines green growth as about: emaking growth processes resource efficient, cleaner and more resilient without necessarily slowing them.f

The paper aims to clarify the concept of green growth by (a) proposing that we need to focus on what needs to happen over the next 5]10 years to remove the world from patterns that would be complex and expensive to modify and (b) reconciling the short and long term by offsetting short]term costs and maximising synergies and economic co]benefits.

The paper then puts forward an analytical framework through which green policies can contribute to economic growth. It concludes with proposing policies that can be implemented to capture these co]benefits and environmental benefits. These include: price]based policies, norms and regulations, public production and direct investment, information creation and dissemination, education and moral suasion, or industrial and innovation policies.