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Building a Low‐Carbon Indian Economy
Confederation of Indian Industry, 2008
by: Confederation of Indian Industry

The ‘Building a Low‐carbon Indian Economy’ report, by the Confederation of Indian Industry, recognises that although India is
undergoing a phase of rapid industrial development there are clear signs that ‘industry in India has adopted an approach that can help India leapfrog to a low‐carbon economy’. The report asserts that this can be done by adopting suitable policies to promote non‐carbon intensive fuels, renewables and state‐of‐the‐art technologies to promote energy efficiency.

The strategy identifies 12 priority areas with the potential to mitigate India’s carbon emissions and put the country on the path to a low‐carbon economy. These are: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Cleaner Conventional Energy Technologies, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Free and Open Markets, Green Buildings, The Aviation Sector, Water Efficiency, Agriculture, Afforestation, Research & Development and Financing.

The document concludes by providing specific actions to be undertaken by government, industry and civil society independently, that will put India on a path to a low‐carbon economy.