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Post-2015 Development Agenda: Goals, targets and indicators
CIGI, KDI, 2012
Nations Millennium Summit recognized a collective responsibility to work toward “a more peaceful, prosperous and just world” (UN, 2000). The MDGs reaffirmed this vision and launched an ambitious global partnership for development, setting specific targets to be met by 2015 and using numerical indicators to measure progress. The MDGs recognized the stark reality of widespread human deprivation and environmental degradation, and galvanized support to reduce poverty,
achieve basic education and health, and promote gender equality and environmental sustainability.

By 2015, the world will have met some of the MDGs’ key targets, such as halving the poverty rate, and will get
close to completing primary education for all children; but achieving the health goals looks difficult and Africa lags behind, despite the substantial progress it has made since 2000. Overall, the MDGs have been remarkably successful in focusing attention and mobilizing resources to address the major gaps in human development.

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