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100 Voices: Southern perspectives on what should come after the MDGs
CAFOD, 2011
For better or worse, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have constituted the longest standing paradigm that has ever emerged in development thinking. The goals have been an organising framework for international aid over the last ten years. At the core of countless policy documents, plans and announcements, they have attracted criticism as well as support. But what will happen after 2015, when the MDG deadline runs out? What, if anything, should follow the MDGs?

So far, the main voices responding to these pivotal questions have been established experts from powerful countries in the North. This joint research from the Catholic aid agency CAFOD and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) seeks to broaden the conversation, and to ensure that the voices of those directly involved in fighting poverty in the South are heard. Our research describes the perspectives of 104 representatives from civil society organisations, in 27 developing
countries from across the world.

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