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Integrated Water Resources Management in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan, 2013
by: Uzbekistan

Water is of crucial importance to the future development of Uzbekistan.
Having recognized the social significance of irrigation and developed a sound
national water sector policy, Uzbekistan has not only maintained its irrigation
capacity since gaining independence, but also successfully modernized and
improved its irrigation systems.
In the years since independence, Uzbekistan has made radical changes to the
way it manages its water. Integrated water resources management principles,
modern water-saving technologies, and automated control and management systems
for water distribution have been implemented widely. Measures have also been
taken, inter alia, to improve the technical condition of water facilities and the
condition of irrigated land and to diversify agricultural production.
All these efforts are aimed at making more efficient use of water resources,
ensuring a reliable water supply and improving the condition of irrigated land.
Further detail on the measures undertaken and the progress made in these areas
is provided below.

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