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Division for Sustainable Development (UNDESA)
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Mr. Juwang Zhu
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Partnerships & Commitments
The below is a listing of all partnership initiatives and voluntary commitments where Division for Sustainable Development (UNDESA) is listed as a partner in the Partnerships for SDGs online platform.
Cultivando Agua Boa (Cultivating Good Water)

The main objective of the Partnership Cultivando Agua Boa (Cultivating Good Water) is the care, protection and use of natural resources, using water as an element of integration to solve current environmental challenges, promoting at the same time a new balanced and integrated vision that converts the environmental challenges into social and economic benefits, with full participation of all the stakeholders and civil society.The partnership is being initiated by Brazil with the Dominican Republic, a Small Island Development State (SIDS). The initial phase also considers East Timor which is ano...[more]

Itaipu Binacional Government of Dominican Republic Ministry of Energy and Mines of Dominican Republic Brazilian Cooperation Agency, ABC National Water Agency of Brazil, ANA NGO Energética, Cochabamba, Bolivia Ministry of Energy and Mines of Guatemala Division for Sustainable Development/ DESA/UN
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