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Mr. Walter Garcia
Adviser of the Secretariat for Environmental Quality
Ministry of Environment
Quito, Ecuador

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National Report - Ecuador Rio+20;

Partnerships & Commitments
The below is a listing of all partnership initiatives and voluntary commitments where Ecuador is listed as a partner in the Partnerships for SDGs online platform.
Breakfast Seminar Series on Sustainable Business Development

ESPAE Graduate School of Management signed a cooperative agreement with the Ecuador Chapter of the Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEMDES, in Spanish), to develop a Breakfast Seminar Series on Sustainable Business Development. The sessions would address mostly environmental issues, and the intended audience were students, alumni, and faculty. Since 2009, the school has held 21 conferences, with 950 individuals attending, and 25 organizations represented among the speakers.

CEMDES (Business Council for Sustainable Development), ESPAE-ESPOL, ESPOL, Paz&Horowitz, San Carlos, Cervecería Nacional, Servicio Holandés de Cooperación (SNV), Nestlé, MASISA Internacional, Véritas DDB, Equilibre, Cámara de Industrias, Fidecomiso Grasas Unicol, Cooperación Alemana para el Desarrollo (GIZ), Energy Palma, Syngenta Corp, Ministerio de Agricultura, Inclusys, Grupo Siembra, Unilever,...[more]
Sustainable Development Goals
Strengthening local food systems and capacity building aimed at improving the production and access to safe food for families

In Ecuador, the SDG-F has established Imbabura, an integrated approach to tackle three of the most pressing challenges in the country, namely building income opportunities for small farmers-owned production units, overhauling the country local food production for better access to safe, affordable and nutritious food and fighting malnutrition and anemia.

UN agencies: FAO, WFP, UNICEF and WHO National partners: Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Local Government and Private Sector organizations.
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