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Saul Billingsley
Deputy Director General
FIA Foundation

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Partnerships & Commitments
The below is a listing of all partnership initiatives and voluntary commitments where FIA Foundation is listed as a partner in the Partnerships for SDGs online platform.

#SaveKidsLives is an official campaign coordinated by the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration. It was launched 6 months before the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week in May 2015. The campaign is co-led by children and calls for urgent action to halve road deaths and injuries by by 2020.It does so by: • highlighting the plight of children and the vulnerable on the roads;• generating worldwide action to better ensure our safety on the roads, starting with children;• calling for strong commitments to save lives on the roads to reach the Global Goals targets.

FIA Foundation, United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and members, Youth Organization for Road Safety (YOURS)
Sustainable Development Goals
Global Initiative for Child Health & Mobility

This partnership is designed to build a coalition of country and donor support for the objective of a safe and healthy journey to school for all children by 2030. The Global Initiative focuses on three key rights of the child:• Safe, accessible mobility to promote equity and combat poverty;• Clean air and a healthy environment for all children;• The role of safe and healthy mobility in enabling the right to an education.It is designed to fill a gap in the global development and environment agendas, addressing the specific needs and rights of children in relation to mobility.

FIA Foundation, United Nations Environment Program, UNICEF, World Resources Institute, Overseas Development Institute, Save the Children
Sustainable Development Goals