Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Focal point information
Ms. Maria-Helena Semedo
Deputy Director-General
Natural Resources Management and Environment Department

Mr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram
Assistant Director-General
Coordinator for Economic and Social Development
Focal point information (SIDS)
Carla Mucavi
Director, FAO - NY
New York
+1 212-963-6036;;

Lucas Tavares
Liaison Officer

Matthias Halwart
Senior Aquaculture Officer (FIRA)
+39 06 570 55080

Selvaraju Ramasamy
Natural Resources Officer (NRC)
+39 06 570 56832

Xuan Li
Attaché de Cabinet, Office of the Director-General
Rome, Italy
+3906 5705 4814

Mariam Ahmed
Senior Adviser, Office of the Director General
Rome, Italy
+3906 5705 4359
UN Implementation Matrix - initiatives related to Rio+20 Follow-up
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