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Input to Questionnaire related to the development of Sustainable Development Goals

    Questions and responses
    1. Please list a limited number, preferably between five and ten, of the important priority areas that must be addressed through the SDGs to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development

    1. water resources, agriculture, food security and combating desertification and land degradation;
    2. the eradication of poverty and poor housing;
    3. waste management;
    4. health coverage;
    5. education, training and scientific research;
    6. the rational and integrated management of natural resources;
    7. the protection of coastal and marine ecosystems;
    8. renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    2. How might the SDGs strive to balance the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainable development?

    a. Reflect social, economic and environmental dimensions within each SDG, possibly through the associated targets

    eflect social, economic and env

    b. Integrate the MDGs, suitably modified/updated for post-2015, into a larger sustainable development framework

    b: integrate the MDGs suitably modified / updated after 2015, in a larger sustainable development framework,

    c. Expand MDG7 (‘environmental sustainability’) into a number of goals with a natural/environmental resource dimension (water, food, energy, etc.)

    d. Other (please describe)

    3. Based on your experience with MDGs or other existing goals, what would be the key use of SDGs for your country (select at most two)?

    Key use #1

    a. Defining national policies

    Key use #2

    b. Influencing national budget allocations

    If g. Other (please describe)

    4. How can “universally applicable” SDGs be made practically relevant for countries at different levels of development? (Please refer to your country’s situation as appropriate.)

    We have to take into account the specificities of each country in terms of particular national circumstances, capacities, priorities and level of development.

    5. The SDGs are supposed to be “global in nature”. Should targets associated with those goals be:

    If c., please explain how:

    To consider an application of ODD at international level it is imperative to take into account the capacities, priorities and policies of each country and to strengthen the capacity of developing countries with adequate financial resources.

    6. Which existing goals and targets (e.g., MDGs, goals/targets in Agenda 21, JPOI) do you think should be incorporated - perhaps in updated form - in a proposal for sustainable development goals?

    1. The provision of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation to protect human health and the environment. (Plan of Implementation of the World Summit for Sustainable Development - JPOI);
    2. Reducing the percentage of the population has no access to drinking water or to basic sanitation services. (The Millennium Development Goals - MDG);
    3. Design integrated planning and management of land;
    4. Management of fragile ecosystems: combating against desertification and drought and sustainable development of mountain
    5. Promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development;
    6. Environmentally sound management of solid waste and wastewater;
    7. Strengthening the capacity of scientific research and technological development and implementation of academic program (see doc MDG2);
    8. MDG Target 8A: Continue the establishment of a multilateral trading and financial system open, rule-based, predictable and non-discriminatory
    9. MDG 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    10. Access to energy services

    11. ensure full employment and the possibility for decent work for all including women and young people to find a descent and productive work.

    7. What specific steps can be taken to ensure that the SDGs are coherent with and integrated into the UN development agenda beyond 2015?


    8. How should assessments of progress toward the achievement of the SDGs be carried out at the global level?


    9. What measures should be taken to make the process of developing a proposal for SDGs inclusive and participatory? How should civil society and other relevant stakeholders be engaged?

    To make progress of developing a proposal for ODD inclusive and participatory, it is essential to:

    • strengthen international cooperation to achieve universal access to science and technology;
    • Strengthen the capacity of civil society.

    civil society and other stakeholders should be involved in the consultation process in the areas of sustainable development and the environment to achieve effective participatory management.

    10. What principles should underpin the development of the SDGs? (the UN TT report, for example, recommended adding (i) reducing inequalities and (ii) promoting human rights (iii) ensuring sustainability);

    Reaffirmation of the Rio Principles on Sustainable Development is a prerequisite for any formulation of new objectives on sustainable development after 2015.

    The key use for our country are poverty eradication, gender equality and the empowerment of women, as well as human development, for the attainment of the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals, and for the full participation of both women and men, in particular young people , as well as education and socials inequalities and granting access for future generation to natural resources and the preservation of the environment and ecosystems. This is an essential condition for achieving sustainable development.

    11. How should a new Global Partnership for Development be constructed within or around the SDGs?

    The new global partnership for development must include a reference to the commitments made by developed countries under various international conventions (climate change, biodiversity and desertification) and contribute to the strengthening of UN funds and existing in sustainable development.

    12. Do you have any other observations, ideas or inputs you would like to offer to inform the initial work of the open working group on sustainable development goals?


    Submitted by: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF ALGERIA / Direction Générale des Relations Economiques et de la Coopération Internationales/ Direction de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable/ les Anassers / Alger/Algerie
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