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Input to Questionnaire related to the development of Sustainable Development Goals

    Spain is part of the submission made by the European Union and its Member States.
    In addition the Spanish reply to Questions 3 and 4 below reflect the national view.

    Questions and responses
    1. Please list a limited number, preferably between five and ten, of the important priority areas that must be addressed through the SDGs to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development

    2. How might the SDGs strive to balance the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainable development?

    a. Reflect social, economic and environmental dimensions within each SDG, possibly through the associated targets

    b. Integrate the MDGs, suitably modified/updated for post-2015, into a larger sustainable development framework

    c. Expand MDG7 (‘environmental sustainability’) into a number of goals with a natural/environmental resource dimension (water, food, energy, etc.)

    d. Other (please describe)

    3. Based on your experience with MDGs or other existing goals, what would be the key use of SDGs for your country (select at most two)?

    Key use #1

    a. Defining national policies

    Key use #2

    b. Influencing national budget allocations

    If g. Other (please describe)

    Spain believes that SDGs will contribute to the development of decision making and policies that are balanced in terms of social, economic and environmental (in line with option e). In this sense, it seems particularly relevant that each SDG integrates, as much as possible, these three components. This may be done when defining the "targets" and "indicators", which are expected to be developed for assessing the accountability of the process, and should try to avoid excessive complication.

    On the other hand, SDGs are an excellent opportunity to guide development cooperation so that the poverty eradication acquires a multidimensional approach. In fact, curbing environmental degradation and facilitating the insertion of the poorest people and groups seem unavoidable elements for eradicating poverty and thus, achieving MDGs. In this sense and following the valuable experience of MDGs, SDGs will also be important guiding factors in the definition of priorities for national development policies.#

    Finally, Spain considers synergies should be sought between SDG development process and the implementation of the 10YFP.

    4. How can “universally applicable” SDGs be made practically relevant for countries at different levels of development? (Please refer to your country’s situation as appropriate.)

    As “FWW” states, SDG should be universal. That means they should both, be applicable to all countries and tackle relevant issues for all countries, as sustainable development concern is also universal.

    We also consider SDGs should take into account different national circumstances, capacities and priorities and in this sense, the differentiation may be made effective at the target, and associated indicators, level within each SDG.

    5. The SDGs are supposed to be “global in nature”. Should targets associated with those goals be:

    If c., please explain how:

    6. Which existing goals and targets (e.g., MDGs, goals/targets in Agenda 21, JPOI) do you think should be incorporated - perhaps in updated form - in a proposal for sustainable development goals?

    7. What specific steps can be taken to ensure that the SDGs are coherent with and integrated into the UN development agenda beyond 2015?

    8. How should assessments of progress toward the achievement of the SDGs be carried out at the global level?

    9. What measures should be taken to make the process of developing a proposal for SDGs inclusive and participatory? How should civil society and other relevant stakeholders be engaged?

    10. What principles should underpin the development of the SDGs? (the UN TT report, for example, recommended adding (i) reducing inequalities and (ii) promoting human rights (iii) ensuring sustainability);

    11. How should a new Global Partnership for Development be constructed within or around the SDGs?

    12. Do you have any other observations, ideas or inputs you would like to offer to inform the initial work of the open working group on sustainable development goals?

    Submitted by: SPAIN
United Nations