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Gender-based power relations explain an aspect of distribution of opportunities and resources existing in economies. Women and men experience the impacts of international trade and financial liberalization differently. SDGs must be rooted much more in the goal of the sustainability of life, rather than on the sustainability of growth, however inclusive it might be. A strong call for the reorientation of economic dynamics from corporatization and financialisation towards sustainable and equality-oriented production, consumption and reproduction patterns. The SDG must be focused on transformative redistribution of resources, promoting productive diversification in sustainable and employment-intensive sectors, linking finance to real economy, and tackling structural discrimination based on gender, age and race. Regulation on: *financial markets *markets structure and competition *redistributing mechanisms *labour markets *social protection systems (including care and sexual and reproductive health services) SDG Goals or Targets should address 1. Trade asymmetries and policy space 2. Revert race to the bottom 3. Redistribute care work 4. Progressive taxation for productive diversification and tackling inequalities 5. Role of states .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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